Rules of Engagement and Abusive Citizens

Read the full article, “Rules of Engagement and Abusive Citizens,” Prism, 2014.

Israel and Palestine: There’s Still Room at the Inn

Simon Schama’s new TV series and bookThe Story of the Jews is particularly timely, although he’s covering well-ploughed ground.

Near East and Far East: Not So Distant

Many observations about the Near and Far East view them as if they were worlds apart.

Two People, One Land?

An old anti-Zionist argument has recently been reasserted by one of the mildest critics, Ari Shavit. In his book My Promised Land, Shavit promotes the thesis that the ultimate source of the trouble between Israelis and Palestinians is a grand illusion which was and is at the core of Zionism.

In Defense of Drones

Originally published in The Diplomat Amnesty International has just issued a report that is highly critical of the use of drones by the United States. Its main concern is the great number of civilian casualties that these strikes cause – the so-called collateral damage. There is considerable disagreement among observers about the extent of these casualties.