Diversity within Unity Endorsements

The Diversity Within Unity statement was drafted by Amitai Etzioni in the fall of 2001 after a preliminary meeting in Washington, D.C. with former Secretary-of-State Madeline Albright and scholars in the fields of immigration and diversity. Read the platform.

It was then circulated to a number of prominent scholars and public intellectuals in Europe, Canada, and the United States. In November 2001, 33 scholars and public intellectuals from 11 countries, as well as six observers from organizations such as the European Commission Group of Policy Advisors, convened in Brussels for a discussion of the draft. Based on the dialogues that took place at this conference, and on comments submitted by many scholars, the platform was redrafted and is now ready to be taken to major public leaders, including elected officials or previous (and future) office holders.

We believe that every endorsement adds weigh and legitimacy to this statement and will bring us closer to our goal of improving the relationships among majority populations and minorities in numerous nations. If you find value in our approach, please consider endorsing the platform.

Kindly note that the end of the statement has the qualification that endorsement means general approval, not acceptance of all details, and that we look forward to future discussion of how to apply our statement to future problems and to various different societies.

To endorse, send an email to [email protected] with the subject “Endorse DWU.”


Gary Hardgrave, Minister for Citizenship and Multicutural Affairs

Anton Pelinka, University of Innsbruck
Claire Wallace, Institute for Advanced Studies
Ruth Wodak, University of Vienna

Joanna Apap, Center for European Policy Studies
Stanley Crossick, The European Policy Center
Herman de Dijn, Catholic University of Leuven
Robert Scott Gassler, Free University Brussels
Johann Leman, Catholic University of Leuven
Marco Martiniello, University of Liege
Christine Pagnouelle, University of Liege
Ching Lin Pang, Centre for Equal Opportunities and Opposition to Racism
Fauzaya Talhaoui, Member of Parliament

Raymond Breton, University of Toronto
William Coleman, McMaster University
Augie Fleras, University of Waterloo
Jim Frideres, University of Calgary
John Godfrey, Member of Parliament
Trudy Govier
Bernard Hodgson
Rhoda Howard-Hassman, McMaster University
Kenise Murphy Kilbride, Ryerson Polytechnic University
Margaret Moore, University of Waterloo
Jacqueline Oxman-Martinez, McGill University
Ravi Pendakur, Department of Canadian Heritage
Morton Weinfeld, McGill University

Ramon-Antonio Gutierrez, The Research Center of Applied Regional Science

Bertel Haarder, Minister of Refugee, Immigration, and Integration Affairs

Klara Hallik, Institute of International and Social Studies
Mart Nutt, Member of Parliament Pille Petersoo, University of Edinburgh
Raivo Vetik, Institute of International and Social Studies

Fred Constant, University of Senghor
Nacira Guenif-Souliamas, University Paris 13
Riva Kastoryano, CERI Sciences-Po
Michel Troper, University of Paris – X Nanterre
Catherine Whitol de Wenden, CERI Sciences-Po

Virginie Guiraudon, National Center for Scientific Research

Timm Beichelt, Europa University Viadrina
Gerhard Besier, University of Heidelberg
Winfried Brugger, University of Heidelberg
Sister Cornelia Buhrle, Commissioner of the Cardinal-Archbishop of Berlin for Migration Affairs
Warnfried Dettling
Rainer Doebert, Social Science Research Center Berlin
Thomas Faist, University of Bremen
Andrea Fischer, Member of Parliament
Eveline Goodman-Thau, University of Kassel
Thomas Grumke, Center for Democratic Culture
Henning Hahn, University of Hildesheim
Kay Hailbronner, University of Konstanz
Friedrich Heckmann, Bamberg University
Frank W. Heuberger, State Chancellery Rhineland-Palatinate
Rolan Issen, VERDI
Hans Joas, Free University of Berlin
Claudia Kinkela, University of Cologne
H. Detlef Luehrsen
Michael Minkenberg, Europa University Viadrina
Leo Monz, German Trade Union Federation
Rainer Muenz, Humboldt University
Hans Nubel, University of Freiburg
Gertrud Nunner-Winkler, Max Plank Institute for Psychological Research
Michael Opielka, University of Applied Sciences Jena
Cem Ozdemir, Former Member of Parliament
Karl-Heinz Pohl, University of Trier
Heinz Putzhammer, German Trade Union Federation
Walter Reese-Schafer, University of Hamburg
Hedwig Rudolph, Social Science Research Center Berlin (WZB)
Fritz Scharpf, Max Plank Institute
Herbert Schnoor, Commission on Integration
Wolfgang Streeck, Max Plank Institute
Rita Sussmuth, Former President of the Bundestag
Wolfgang van den Daele, Social Science Research Center Berlin (WZB)
Mark Young, Humboldt University

Gyorgy Bence, ELTE University of Budapest

T.N. Madan, University of Delhi
P. Radhakrishnan, Madras Institute of Development Studies
Saroj Kumar Rath, Jawaharlal Nehru University

Sean Patrick Donlan, Trinity College

Schlomo Avineri, The Hebrew University
Eliezer Ben-Rafael, Tel Aviv University
S.N. Eisenstadt, The Hebrew University
Tamar Horowitz, Ben-Gurion University
Yaakov Kop, Center for Social Policy Studies
Moshe Lissak, The Hebrew University
Shalom Schwartz, The Hebrew University
Yossi Shain, Tel Aviv University
Sammy Smooha, Haifa University
Ephraim Yuchtman-Yaar, Tel Aviv University

Fulvio Attina, University of Catania
Guido Bolaffi, Ministry for Social Affairs
Vincenzo Cesareo, Catholic University of Milan
Renato Corsetti, University of Rome
Silvio Ferrari, University of Milan
Alfredo Jacopozzi, University of Firenze
Marco Lombardi, Catholic University of Milan
Ida Regalia, University of Milan
Marino Regini, University of Milan
Luciano Scagliotti, Paralleli
Enrico Tacchi, Catholic University of Milan
Carlo Trigilia, University of Firenze
Italo Vaccarini, Catholic University of Milan
Francesco Villa, Catholic University of Milan

Masaya Kobayashi, Chiba University

Hasan Jashari, South East European University

Antonio Heras, Department of Health
Arturo Picos, IPADE Business School
Juan de la Borbolla, Universidad Panamericana in Guadalajara

The Netherlands
Hans Adriaansens, Utrecht University
Marie-Louise Bemelmans-Videc, Member of the First Chamber of Parliament
Oussama Cherribi, Member of Parliament
Han Entzinger, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Guus Extra, Tilburg University
Kristin Henrard, University of Groningen
Ernst Hirsch Ballin, Member of the Council of State
Aafke Kompter, University College Utrecht
Jan Rath, University of Amsterdam
Trevor Steele, Universal Esperanto Association
Geoffrey Underhill, University of Amsterdam
Sophie van Bijsterveld, Tilburg University
Paul van Seters, Tilburg University
Hans Vermeulen, University of Amsterdam
Jelle Visser, University of Amsterdam

Maria Baganha, University of Coimbra
Antonio Goucha Soares, Technical University of Lisbon
Augusto Rogério Leitão, University of Coimbra

Doina Balahur, University in Iasi

Jure Gombac, Institute for Slovenian Emigration
Marina Luksic Hacin, Polytechnic Nova Gorica

South Africa
Brett Steingo

Rosa Aparicio, Universidad Pontificia Comillas
Joaquin Arango, University of Complutense
Carlos Barros, University of Santiago
Reyes Calderon, University of Naverre
Carlos Closa, University of Zaragosa
Jose Perez Adan, University of Valencia
Alfredo Rodrigues Sedano, University of Navarra
Jose A. Ruiz San-Roman, University Villaneuva Madrid
Carlota Sole, University of Autonoma Barcelona
Jose Maria Tortosa, University of Alicante
Ana Maria Zylberminc, University of Complutense

Goran Bexell, Lund University
Tom Burns, Uppsala University
Ulf Himmelstrand, Uppsala University
Anders Jarlert, Lund University
Per Lundborg, Trade Union Institute for Economic Research
Richard Swedberg, Stockholm University
Goren Therborn, Univeristy of Uppsala
Charles Westin, Stockholm University
Rick Wicks, Handelshogskolan at Goteborg University

Prabhu Guptara, Wolfsberg Executive Development Centre

United Kingdom
David Bartram, University of Reading
Christophe Bertossi, University of Warwick
Mike Bottery, University of Hull
Fraser Cameron, EU Commission Group of Policy Advisors
Sir Bernard Crick, Birkbeck College London University
Roger Eatwell, University of Bath
Elizabeth Frazer, Oxford University
Derry Hannam, Phoenix Education Trust
Edward Hockings, Ethics & Genetics
Atsuki Ichijo, London School of Economics
Obi Igwara, University of Hull
Satvinder Juss, University of Westminster
Desmond King, Oxford University
Christel Lane, Cambridge University
David Marsden, London School of Economics
David Miller, Oxford University
Lord Bhikhu Parekh
Frank Pieke, Oxford University John Rex, University of Warwick
Bob Rowthorn, Cambridge University
Adam Swift, Oxford University
Henry Tam
Steven Vertovec, Oxford University
Soojin Yu, Oxford University

United States
Paul Anderson
Richard K. Betts, Columbia University
C. Carl Bostek, CRNA, FNP, Lt. Col., USAF (Ret.)
Eamonn Callan, Stanford University
Robert D. Crane, International Institute of Islamic Thought
Morton Deutsch, Teachers College, Columbia University
Charles Doran, Johns Hopkins University
Joseph Eaton, University of Pittsburgh
Amitai Etzioni, George Washington University
Martin Ford, Maryland Office of New Americans
J. Rogers Hollingsworth, University of Wisconsin at Madison
Cynthia Garcia Coll, Brown University
Neil Gilbert, University of California at Berkeley
Nathan Glazer, Harvard University
Carmine Gorga, President of Polis-tics, Inc.
Peter Gresch
Martin O. Heisler, University of Maryland
Karl Kaiser, Director Emeritus of the German Council on Foreign Relations and Harvard visiting Professor

David Lawton, St. Thomas United Church of Christ

Henry M. Levin, Columbia University & Stanford University

Robert Litan, The Brookings Institution
Devon J. Noll, Homestead Consulting Services
David Olsen
Noah Pickus, Institute for Emerging Issues
Kascha Piotrzkowski, freelance journalist
Sharon Riley
Galya Ruffer, University of Pennsylvania
Billy R. Sauls
Cheryl Scott
Philip Selznick, University of California at Berkeley
Karen Shwab
Peter Skerry, Claremont McKenna University
Tanya Strean
Lee Tavis, Notre Dame University
Lucy Law Webster, Center for War/Peace Studies
Nur Yalman, Harvard University
Yang Ye, University of California at Riverside
George Vassiliou, former President of Cyprus
Aristide R. Zolberg, New School University
Roger P. Hamburg, Indiana University South Bend
Dave Finnigan, Juggling for Success, Climate Change is Elementary
Irene Brunstein, Law Office of Irene Brunstein
Uriel Abulof, Princeton University and Tel-Aviv University

Aviel Roshwald, Georgetown University

(Note: All endorsements are personal. The affiliations of the endorsers are given for identification purposes only.)
Last updated: 5/14